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Flare Cap is proud to offer the most resourceful, highly developed, competitive and operator friendly product the Industry has to offer. Years of experience makes Flare Cap your Partner of choice.

We fully comprehend and plan for: 

  • Extreme Weather
  • the lack of infrastructure
  • Equipment Diversity
  • Transport challenges
  • Operator training

Flare Cap Inc. is fully aware of the time sensitivity related to saving the environment and will do all it can to work in the most expedient matter possible while working within the local jurisdictions applicable to the Oil & Gas Industry.

Our Equipment



Natural Gas Processing Equipment


Liquid Natural Gas 

Gas to Liquid

Power Generation


Convert Waste
Into Profit

With the receipt of a Gas Analysis , gas flow rates and a current Infrastructure layout, Flare Cap will commit to a preliminary proposal within 3-4 weeks after receipt of the initial request. “Free of charge”

A more thorough project review by our team, will present the owner with all reasonable options available within Budget and Schedule, for a fee.  This fee will be fully reimbursed when the Flare Cap proposal leads to a firm commitment by the client in form of a purchase order.


Our Services